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a short i made for my brand showcasing an emotion and message of what the brand represents. shot, directed, and edited by myself. i drew inspiration from many places, sans soleil 1983 for the narration, lost in translation 2003 for the calm and breezy feeling, the french new wave comes through in the style it was shot and edited, the journey of mr rager's aesthetic and dj screw for the glittery, slow aura of the music and slowed video.

a trailer for the release of a bracelet. through my personal work i try to bring people in to the feeling and experience of what the item/product represents to me. sharing that means more to me than making it directly about the product. 

freelance - westside compost

i was asked to make two videos. one of them a problem and solution video the other being a video explaining the benefits of composting using sourced content. they gave me full creative control across the board, direction, mood, clips, music, editing style and effects. bring it all together while listening, understanding and making any changes the team desired to drive their message.

freelance - body by raven tracy

kaile, the woman behind westside compost reached out to me  to be a silent editor/consultant. i had to understand, learn and add on to the visual language of the brand as it was already established as well as guide her through the process.

intern video

a video i made recently for an internship position at awake ny. i tried to bring in just a bit of my style and music and align it with their visual language. finding a balance of a simple, sweet but strong video while also providing simple edits. i wanted to show them a relaxed and fun video that doesn't need a lot of production and time but still keeps the content going while having fun in a way that a lot of brands don't do.

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